Avoiding Arthritis

How To Prevent Chronic Joint Pains In Later Years

With age comes wisdom, as many would claim.  All those years of experience will eventually bring some rewards, mostly in the form of lessons learned and memories well lived.  Sadly, these are not the only bestowments that time would throw our way.

Arthritis, or chronic pains in the joints, is a problem that as high as 94% of people above the age of 65 does endure.  It is one of those things that are almost quite certain in life.  But unlike having grandchildren, the nifty benefits of a solid pension plan, and the liberty to enjoy your days after retirement, arthritis isn’t really something you would look forward to.

The sad thing about arthritis is that there is no conclusive cure for it.  Only therapies that would soothe the pain exist in this day and age.  For all the advancements in medicine, no one has yet to find the Holy Grail, the fountain of youth so to speak.  Bones and ligaments that have been weakened by Father Time can no longer be restored to their previous vigor.  Arthritis is something we just have to live with, but you can definitely reduce the pain with a kit from SoloHealth.

This is quite unfortunate.  Arthritis, you see, is not brought about by an acquired illness or an exposure to a contagion.  It is the net result of cumulative years of neglect during our younger days.  Deficiencies of essential nutrients and lack of required levels of activity are the main culprits for this bane on baby boomers worldwide.

The fact of the matter is, arthritis can be avoided, or, at the very least, the possibility of its manifesting in later years can be curtailed.  The key to this is by taking good care of our bodies while we’re young and our bones and limbs could still regenerate to good health.

Here are some practices to consider so that the effects of arthritis can be limited, if not eliminated altogether:

* Exercise regularly.  This can never be undermined.  Our bones and ligaments are built for activities, so be active!  Regular exercise would ensure that our faculties are always on tiptop shape.  They would never be rusty, hence, there would be a very high likelihood that they’d be more resilient and resistant against chronic pains come senior age.  Modern practices claim that Yoga is a great choice of routine to help avoid the development of arthritis.  Yoga can train our bodies how to be flexible, and this would greatly prevent rusty joints.

* Eat a balanced diet.  First, a balanced diet would help prevent obesity.  Excess weight can weaken our joints simply because there would be so much burden to carry.  The stress can take its toll come time.  Second, a balanced diet would assure that our bodies would be fed the required nutrients it needs.  Primary among these is calcium, which of course, is responsible for strong bones.  We are what we eat, and confronted with the danger of arthritis, a proper, balanced diet is our weapon against such a complication.

* Drink lots of water.  Water is what makes the joints slide.  Dehydration would simply increase the friction in those areas with every activity, hence resulting in weaker bone connections that would make us more susceptible to arthritis a few years from now.

* Try to avoid unnecessary stress on our joints.  The level of caution required would depend on a case-to-case basis.  Some works demand extraneous activities, and some don’t demand any at all.  For those where much bustle is required, much care should be exercised to avoid putting too much pressure on the joints.  Be wary of uncomfortable positions.  Feeling discomfort is our body’s warning device telling us that all is not right with how we act.

Bottom line is you could combat arthritis, for as long as you commence on such a pursuit before it’s too late.  Take the necessary steps to prevent its development as early as possible, and you could live a life of retirement bliss free from the worries of chronic joint pains.