Best Spanish Towns For Retirement

If you want to spend your retirement in a fabulous Spanish city or quaint village, you won’t find any shortage of options at your disposal. There are a number of top cities that are appealing to retirees from the UK, who might be looking to escape to warmer climates. These cities are becoming increasingly friendly to travellers and retirees alike, since they bring in much needed revenue. This means that cities are also providing better accommodations and will be more welcoming to visitors like you.

You should first check out the region of Andalusia on the southern portion of Spain. This is a coastal area located along the Mediterranean Sea, which is likely appealing to many retirees out there. The region actually enjoys up to 320 days of sunshine each year, which will help keep you warm and healthy. You can also find an innumerable amount of beaches and mountainside ski resorts located nearby. This will let you enjoy some of the best of both worlds if you choose to retire to this location.

The capital city of Madrid can also prove to be an exciting place for many retirees. If you are used to bustling city life, this may be a good option for you. There are many condos being built throughout the city, which can give great views of the cityscape. Madrid is a hotbed for some of the local arts in the country. This could make it a great choice for retirees who don’t want to slow down just yet.

Valencia is another of the best Spanish towns for retirement, because it offers a more relaxed atmosphere. You can still enjoy many big city amenities, but it has also cultivated a small town feel to it as well. It is well know for its location among the Orange Blossom coast, where the trees are locally grown. Properties are still good value in this area, but prices are slowly rising as the property market in Spain picks up.