Best Teeth Whitening Gel Reviews

7/16/12 Daily Dose Kotz blog about whiter teeth

What are teeth whitening gels exactly? They are pretty much different concentrations of your bleaching agent to help whiten your teeth very quickly. Then people ask if it works, which of course it does and very well at that. So how do you whiten YOUR teeth? First, most of the following procedures that will be mentioned will be a lot better used if you have a tray from your dentist. These trays are custom made so that they fit your teeth perfectly and apply the most of the teeth whitening gel. This is of course the top notch type of teeth whitening that most people want, and it isn’t all that expensive like a lot of people think. If you order it online and not one of the name brand products that don’t work very well it will be fairly cheap that is. Remember that the best and cheapest products you are probably going to find only online. Although you should go get a fitting tray, you can also get some at your local retailer that will work very similar just not as customized and not going to give you as much coverage as a result.

Make Sure To Follow Instructions

Make sure that you follow your teeth whitening gel instructions. This is very important to make sure that all directions and warnings are heeded as you could damage your teeth. If you have too much bleach concentrate for example you could do some great damage to your enamel which will cause you to be a lot more sensitive to cold and hot foods. Also if you leave the bleaching agent on too long this will cause you to possibly damage your teeth in which you will need a dentist to fix them. This is why you need to make sure that you read the directions that come with your teeth whitening gel. Don’t be scared to try one for these reasons because the instructions give you very stable amounts in which give you leeway for amounts and time that you keep the teeth whitening gel that will keep you from damaging yourself. Although you have to be careful because some people have fallen asleep with the teeth whitening gel applied and they have been fine but if they fell asleep and didn’t wake up for a while the results could have been bad. Read more on

Watts Power White Gel

Quite possibly one of the best products available online for whitening your teeth. You can get a kit in which you get a tray and some gel from for a great price. It is true that it is a little more expensive than some of the commercial products available at your local store but its well worth the difference. One of the stories that stood out to me was a story of a woman that was very dissatisfied with the product. She sent an email to the company explaining her situation and how it didn’t work at all. They then replied that they stand by their product 100% and that they sent her another kit for free. She then used the new kit that she got and was VERY satisfied with the product. She had results of amazingly white teeth within 3 applications. You are able to use this product within a few days of each other so you will be able to see results VERY quickly. Once you are at where you want to be you could probably get by with 1 application a month to maintain your teeth’s whiteness.

Opalescence Gel

The Opalescence gel works just about as well as the above gel. The results take longer and there is more discomfort with using it. The stronger the formulae you use the longer it needs to be applied. If you use the strongest solution so that you don’t need to keep it in overnight or anything like that make sure that you don’t use too much, if you do it could burn your gums. This is just a discomfort that doesn’t really affect you but is something that you should consider. Also if your teeth are sensitive these will be uncomfortable unlike the above gel which seems to not affect very many people at all. This is worth looking into as the price seems to be on the cheaper side, although in the long run you may be paying more in all reality because it will take longer to get your results.

Plus White Gel

Plus White Gel only takes about 5 minutes to work effectively. This is a seemingly very powerful and cheap product especially if you already have your very own custom made tray. This product works a lot better with a custom tray. Also it is good to note that people have reported that it is a very powerful gel, that if gotten on the gums it caused irritation of up to 3 days. That is pretty intense and has caused some discomfort, this should be ignored as it only takes 5 minutes to get the effects from it. So from the top 2 to this one, it is a good medium. Its cheap and works well after only a few uses. Although you will take some discomfort from using it and possible gum pain for a few days it all depends on what you are looking for and if you are willing to risk something like that for whitening your teeth.