Different Security Seals For Varied Uses

When travelling by plane, it is normal to part company with your luggage.  There are often situations where you have to part with luggage and other kinds of belongings that need to be fully secured.  Usually, luggage and other bags like this have keys and lock systems in place.

Although these can ensure your goods are secure and safe, there could still be circumstances that arise where you need a way of checking if they have been tampered with.  There may need to be proof of tampering shown on systems that can deny or grant of access to others.  This is where security seals become important.

As well as preventing tampering, they are also designed to show signs of tampering.  You may have noticed that when government agencies and workers find bags without any owners, they are sealed off.  Even the contents can be sealed, the sealing activities are not only used by governments but also by individuals protecting their assets.

There are various forms of security seals that which are distinguished and categorised based on the materials used and also the purpose with which they are going to be used. If you are in a hurry check out Versapak International for examples.

The most common types of these seals are:

Electronic Seals

These use electronic controls and locks and often include some form device that produces a radio frequency identification to help add an extra layer of security.  This can alert the owner to any tampering that may have occurred while the package, document or whatever was being transported was in transit.

Stainless Steel Wires

Stainless steel wires are used for products such as tanker valves, taxi metres, electric metres and other similar things.  These are obviously quite hard to break without there being evidence of tampering.

Labels and Tapes

Tape that is used to secure products stored in luggage and baggage can be made to be tamper-evident.  Labels and tapes that can distort or tear if there has been tampering is a clearly visible way to show this occurs.  This means there will be evidence of tampering even if it has not been successful.

Security Bags

These are bags that are generally used for carrying important documents, notes, cash and other valuable items too.  Security bags are popular because they are durable and have noticeable signs of tampering if it occurs which can prove to be a deterrent and are usually incredibly durable and robust and can be used repeatedly.

Plastic Sealing For Transport Purposes

Plastic seals for transporting purposes are used in various transportation items, such as trucks and containers.  There are also metal strip seals, cable seals,  and metal bolt seals among many others.

PVC Seals

Plastic seals made from PVC are used for various purposes by airlines in warehouses, trolleys and even their trucks.  Depending on their use, they take many different forms.

Security seals are important for most industries where there is cash, important documents or other secure or valuable items being stored or transported.  The type of security seal required will depend on what is right for the specific transportation or storage job at hand.