Fashionable and Purr-fect: The Cat Middle Finger Shirt

Fashionable and Purr-fect T-shirt to Buy

Cats are incredibly cute animals, but they can be naughty too. When they are in a really good mood they can cuddle with you and when they get naughty and moody, they can turn the entire house upside down! But who would have ever thought that a cat could turn out to be a total badass and show his middle finger! This article will talk about the cat giving the finger shirt.

If you are a cat person and also someone who is a fan of cool and creative graphic t-shirts, then there is this cool, creative and a perfect shirt to buy, where a cute and naughty cat is showing his middle finger.If that sounds something that you would be interested in buying then you should check out the kitty t-shirts that RipNDip sells online.

Hello! Kitty has a message for you!

This unisex pocket cat t-shirt is a very creative t-shirt, something you wouldn’t have ever come across and this is one amazing t-shirt you shouldn’t miss especially since it is totally in fashion!

RipNDip, a Los Angeles based clothing company, is the mastermind behind the awesome t-shirt. Ryan O’Connor started this clothing company in the year 2009 and this company has a wide range of creative tees and other apparel.

But their mascot, the badass kitty, Lord Nermal is undeniably their biggest hit. In fact, this kitty is so famous that people actually recognize the brand when they come across Nermal in any of the apparels. And RipnDip’s Nermal t-shirts are so popular that most of the time you will find the t-shirts to be sold out.

But before telling anything more about this kitty let me warn cat owners to remain calm and not flip out. The t-shirt is designed in such a way that the kitty is placed strategically in the chest pocket on the left-hand side, where he seems to be hiding. Lord Nermal seems really cute at first but once you pull down the pocket you get to see his true colors. This bad kitty actually shows you his middle finger when you pull the pocket down.

They also have t-shirts where Lord Nermal is placed right in the center of the tee and he doesn’t hesitate to show off his middle finger. RipnDip also sells tank tops with Lord Nermal on the left side of the top, but only this time he is not hiding in a pocket. If you are having a sleepover at your friend’s place, then go for a RipnDip t-shirt that would glow in the dark, with Lord Nermal in the t-shirt and you can show off Nermal and what he has got to say to your friends!