Home Decor Ideas – What Are The Options?

If you have just moved into a new place or considering a decorating overhaul of your current abode because you need a fast house sale UK, then you will need some inspiration to give your space a unique and fashionable look. Decorating needn’t be ridiculously expensive, and in fact utilising clever décor ideas you are able to add value to your flat or home instantly.

The first thing that can cause a disorganised mind and indeed put off guests or prospective buyers is clutter. We are all guilty of letting our rooms get a little cluttered or messy but sometimes it takes just a few small changes to make the space permanently clutter free. Take the bathroom, for example, where toiletries often pile up on the sink, windowsill and around the bath. A simple bathroom cabinet and a matching set of soap and toothbrush holders would freshen then space and de-clutter it completely. Placing an expensive hand wash or fragrant soap on your sink will instantly impress and pamper guests. In the other rooms in the house, such as the bedroom or living room, are bookshelves open? Is there room for another chest of drawers? An open book shelf in a small room will make it feel claustrophobic and messy, so simply close the bookshelves off using some attractive wooden doors.

When you are painting or wallpapering a room it is important to choose a colour palette and stick to it. If you are choosing a bold colour such as red or pink, then it is a good idea to have a feature wall which is painted or wallpapered in the colour and then the other walls are painted in a neutral shade like cream, white or grey. The feature wall should be the one that bears the focus of the room, in a bedroom this will usually be the wall behind the bed and in the living room the wall behind the settee. Bring the colour scheme out using colourful cushions, paintings or throws. Certain colours work well together such as gold and brown and duck egg blue and brown. If you are decorating your home with a view to selling or renting it out then decorate in neutral shades such as cream and white. This is because your taste is unlikely to match everyone else’s and a neutral scheme will make it easy for people to imagine their own style in the room.

You may have heard the term shabby chic thrown around but maybe you’re not exactly sure what it is. Shabby chic is a style of furniture and décor that is designed to have a distressed, worn appearance whilst maintaining a certain elegance. Shabby chic furniture incorporates light wood which brightens up any room with it’s airy french style. This type of décor suits individuals who want to add character to their home without losing that touch of elegance, sophistication and wow factor. Reading this you may be concerned that you will be scouring the antique shops in search of this particular style, however shabby chic is such a popular design that many antique reproduction furniture specialists develop new pieces of furniture with the shabby chic look.

Shabby chic furniture suits all types of rooms and buildings and not just older, traditional designs. This type of furniture incorporates light, feminine colours such as grey, cream, white and pale pastels and soft, round details. A set of shabby chic drawers, for example, would not appear like an old, dark antique, but a fresh, well worn, expensive piece of furniture which would blend nicely into even the most modern apartment. Shabby chic furniture is available for wardrobes, drawers, side tables, desks, beds and armchairs, so you could easily kit out your entire décor with shabby chic or just place a few select pieces to accentuate your room. In the same way antiques always have a classic look, so does shabby chic because it is made to appear like classic French furniture, which means it will never go out of fashion. So do away with the flat-pack furniture and cheaply made plastic pieces by buying a beautiful piece of shabby chic furniture that will last you a life time.