Snorkelling on Your Yacht Charter Specialists Vacation

The Caribbean Sea is renowned for the diversity of its marine life, and with water temperatures near eighty degrees and visibility often in excess of sixty feet a snorkelling trip from your yacht is too good to miss.

First off you won’t need to bring any equipment, and you won’t need to be either a Navy Seal or Jaques Cousteau to enjoy the underwater world.

All Yacht Charter Broker Specialists yachts have masks and snorkels, and fins to fit all size of feet. What is more most yachts replace them with new every season to be certain that gear is comfortable to wear and safe to use. New equipment is always of premium brands, and your yacht is regularly updated on technical advances in design that maximise your snorkelling adventure.

One feature of the Caribbean islands is that yachts are able to anchor close to shore and the vibrantly coloured fringing coral reefs. This means it is never a long surface swim to get you to the best sites. In any case, a powerful rigid inflatable boat is always on hand to whisk you to a new snorkelling site across the calm waters of the bay. A handy collapsible ladder makes re-boarding a breeze when you reluctantly finish your dive.

For further reassurance the crew are often qualified to lead groups of divers on scuba trips, so a snorkelling visit to view the wonders from the surface presents no challenges to them. Want to know what that beautiful stripy fish was called or what was it doing rubbing itself against a purple patch of rock?  The crew of your Yacht Charter Specialists yacht are there to help you learn about specie identification and fish behaviour and are a mine of information on the local marine life.

A snorkelling trip in the Caribbean with Yacht Charter Specialists is comfortable, easy, enjoyable, educational and safe.