The Perfect European Vacation and Foreign Getaway

Europe is the ideal vacation getaway with much to offer — including the breath taking sights, delicious cuisine, enticing nightlife and European people.

Due to the the every day, exhausting and repetitive routine of daily life — many are fed up and now looking, researching and planning their next vacation, in hopes of escaping their ongoing rut. With this comes a boom of travelers expressing their own questions and curiosity for international traveling. Europe is often a popular choice among tourists, but who could blame them? From the beauty and romanticism of France to the exotic and spicy culture in Spain. All tourists in search of their perfect vacation should look no further than Europe –while each European country is pleasantly different and proudly embraces their own rich culture.

The Beauty, Fashion and Art of France

France is known to many as a very romantic country because the people of France generally, adore all things beautiful — Paris, France is known as one of the world’s fashion capitals since “haute couture” originated in the 1860s after the reign of Louis XIV. From this time on to the 1960s, major fashion houses constituted, including the classy, luxury designer names of today such as Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. High fashion is celebrated in France every day, with incredible shopping opportunities for everyone and stores crowding the French streets — France is ideal for anyone who adores high end fashion and plans to observe many stunning pieces of haute couture.

Beauty is everywhere in France, with the abundance of great architecture, extensive art history, and beautifully written, though emotionally charged works of literature. French architecture is stunning and historical in many senses, as styles transformed parallel to France’s political struggles and phases. The Eiffel Tower is an example of a famous icon of Paris, France, known internationally while the churches including Sainte Chapelle exhibit the incredible French impact upon religious architecture. French museums are also a major tourist attraction, displaying admirable, Italian-inspired pieces telling the historic tales of France. There is no lack of beauty or history in France — and it seems as though both go “hand in hand,” revealing the French past and present.

Traveling The Netherlands and Dutch Culture

The Netherlands are known as an exceptionally diverse country, home to people of different nationalities. The Dutch are known for their laid back and liberal approach to soft drugs, an example being, marijuana Alongside the Dutch streets are “Coffee shops” where marijuana is sold legally and menus are then distributed listing drug choices. It has been said that the Dutch frown upon tourists who travel to Amsterdam solely for drug purposes. Although marijuana is legal, it is however, considered impolite to smoke a joint publicly as residents may appear annoyed and shoot looks of disapproval.

Dutch people generally express liberal attitudes and are often open minded towards tourists, because of the great diversity of The Netherlands, many residents are also able to understand other foreign languages. Food often consists of the usual cheese, vegetables and other foreign, adapted foods influenced by the culture abundance. Art is also important in Dutch culture with well known painters, including Vincent van Gogh, who contributed much to Dutch art history along with some other notable mainstream graphic artists.

Exploring Food, Art and Fashion in Italy

Italy is perhaps one of the most visited foreign countries today — while tourists frequently rave that Italian cuisine is none other than the best, along with the beautiful art pieces, and cutting-edge fashion industry of Milan, Italy. Italian food is celebrated internationally today, though the greatest cooking is done by the Italians themselves. Delicious pasta, pizza, focaccia and gelato are all available, with different stylized variations depending on the Italian region — Italian food isn’t all the same, adding additional spice and excitement on a food-filled vacation. Coffee and espresso shops are also everywhere in Italy, offering authentic coffee drinks in a relaxed setting designed for customers who intend to sit and actually enjoy their beverage.

Milan street fashion

Italian art has over went extreme changes and style phases throughout years and generations — from the Renaissance to Gothic eras, Italy has spawned many talented geniuses such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, both of whom crafted tremendous although timeless, legendary pieces. With art comes the current fashion capital of Milan, Italy among other notable cities such as Naples and Venice. Versace, Gucci, and Valentino are some dominant Italian fashion labels in Italy’s booming design industry. Designers such as the retired, Valentino Garavani have focused much of their creative energy into beauty — in obtaining their passion and goal to embrace woman’s beauty.

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Whether you dream of roaming through the country of Italy, while sampling mouth-watering gelato, attending magnificent art museums or wish to gaze through Gucci and Versace stores. Maybe you would also enjoy The Netherlands, because the Dutch lifestyle is so intriguing and soothing. France is also incredible, and maybe the beauty and history is “calling you” to finally take the European vacation you need the most. Europe has much to offer, and while there are many other countries — keep your personal wants and desires in mind while choosing. If there’s anything specific you are searching for — then explore the internet, travel agencies and ask around. Your perfect getaway is indeed possible and you certainly deserve a new adventure and learning experience.