Top 7 Reasons For Vaping

There are sufficient studies which have already proven how vaping is hands down the best alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many vapers attest to experiencing rapid improvements to their health in a short period of time after making the switch to vaping. Here are the best reasons why you should choose electronic cigarettes over conventional tobacco ones any day.

1. Vaping is a highly effective means to stop smoking

When you start vaping the first thing you will notice is how easy it is to transition to from smoking cigarettes. At the same time you get to hold on to the familiar habits you are used to as a smoker. You also get to choose how much nicotine you want to consume and you can effectively reduce your dependency without the usual difficulty when you’re trying to quit smoking.

2. Vaping saves you a whole lot of money

In addition to being safer all round for your health than smoking, vaping also helps you to stop burning away your hard earned pennies. You already know smoking to be an expensive habit, but did you know that vaping can be up to 90% cheaper? Cigarette smoking is also fixed to become even more expensive as time goes on. This is due to governments continuing to increase levies and taxes on tobacco products. Vaping effectively puts money back in your pocket while helping you take a big step towards a healthier lifestyle.

3. Vaping cuts out secondary smoke and passive smoking

Cigarette smoke is known to be terribly harmful to non smokers. In fact many people contract life-threatening diseases just by coming into contact with or living with a smoker. There are many social settings wherein people find it hard to avoid secondhand smoke. Friends, co-workers, and family members of cigarette smokers are especially at risk of inhaling dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. This changes completely when an ex-smoker turns to vaping as a way to wean themselves off nicotine. Secondhand smoke is eliminated altogether since all your device’s tank contains is e-juice and the vapour produced contains virtually none of the harms associated with cigarette smoke.

4. Vaping reduces health risks to your children

Cigarette smoke is potentially lethal to a child whose body and vital organs are still in development. Children living with a parent who is a smoker are at higher risk of developing asthma and all sorts of unpleasant health defects. One should never smoke in front of kids period. If you’re a smoker always take a step outdoors when you smoke to keep your children safe. The better alternative is to switch to vaping.

5. Vaping reduces the risks of cancer

Whether you’re a smoker or not you still know that smoking cigarettes is chief cause of lung cancer. Vaping does away with all the cancerous substances and harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Studies conducted in the UK have shown that participants who vaped instead of smoking, were able to decrease levels of cancer-producing chemicals in the body in just six months. It was also shown that people who continued to smoke cigarettes even if they were trying vaping did not enjoy the same health benefit. This proves vaping works and makes a positive impact on your health when cigarettes are cut out completely.

6. Vapour doesn’t stick to things like cigarette smoke

You’ll probably know when a smoker has just been around. One of the after effects of cigarette smoke is that it gets into fabrics and furniture. The stench remains and you can’t miss it. The lingering smell of cigarette smoke is also known to be harmful. With vaping you have none of that, no bad smells anymore from your clothing or inside your home.

7. Electronic cigarettes reduce the risk of fire

Research has shown that nearly 30% of house fires were caused because of the negligence of a cigarette smoker. Since vaping devices and e-cigarettes do not use combustion of any kind they are fire safe. No sparks and no flames means there’s no chance of flammable items in your home catching fire.