Want a Tattoo? Let’s Look at Popular Tattoo Designs

For many years throughout history, personal tattoos have been used for a variety of reasons. We know that tattoos have been used for at least 5000 years in Europe because of Otzi the Iceman , who is believed to have lived in around 3300 BC. Fifty seven tattoos could be seen on his body when it was found on the Austrian and Italian borders after being mummified in ice for nearly 5000 years. Tattoos are used for many reasons, such as status symbols, to demonstrate religious beliefs, as declaration of love and also as a way of identification. Certain cultures also use tattoos as a means of punishing perpetrators. Different tattoo designs have different meanings, I want to take a look at some of the more popular tattoo designs today.

Star tattoos

Star tattoos are popular with members of both sexes, particularly in the nautical Star design, which is regaining popularity in recent years. The nautical star has five points and is often created in red and black ink. Star tattoos have different meanings for different races and religions. The meaning behind a star tattoo often depends on the number of points it has, and also the orientation of those points.

Angel tattoos

Angel tattoos are another design that are becoming increasingly popular. The angel is a symbol of spirituality and faith, and therefore demonstrates the wearer has a relationship with God. An angel can also be used as a symbol of protection or guidance. Angels also often feature prominently on memorial tattoos. Cross Tattoos There are very few religious symbols that are as universally used as the Christian cross. Again, the wearer of this tattoo design is showing that he has a relationship with God and like the angel, the cross tattoo is also a symbol of protection.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are another frequently requested design with the Maori and Polynesian designs being at the top of the list. Tribal is a wide term that covers a large choice of tattoo designs from traditional tattoos of indigenous tribes to contemporary graphic designs created on computers. Wing tattoos Wings often feature on tattoos and signifying inspiration and spirituality. Wings may also symbolize freedom. Wing tattoos are one of the more popular designs among men and women alike.

Dragon Tattoos

The dragon tattoo is a classic design that incorporates the influence of Chinese and Japanese cultures into Western body art. A dragon tattoo signifies the mystical as well as a fiery temperament, and men in particular, often opt for a dragon tattoo design.